The Natural Nursery Star Bump Gallery!

We have added some more beautiful bumps to the Natural Nursery Stars Bump Gallery.

If you would like your baby bump to be in Natural Nursery Stars just email a picture to – with ‘bump’ in the title.

Everyone who enters will get a 10% discount code to use at the Natural Nursery […]

Has your bump got star quality?

I’m really excited to tell you about a new feature on the Natural Nursery Blog – Natural Nursery Stars!

If you would like your baby bump to be in Natural Nursery Stars just email a picture to – with ‘bump’ in the title.

Everyone who enters will get a 10% discount code to […]

Customer Product Review – Nursing Bra, Bravado Bra, Seamless

Bravado Nusing Bra, Seamless.

I am currently 38 weeks pregnant and my breastfeeding counsellor recommended buying this bra to use both as a last stage maternity bra and then subsequently for nursing.

It is the most comfortable bra I’ve worn during the entire pregnancy and rest assured I’ve tried a few! It washes […]

Daddy Cool – help for new and expecant dads

The highly talented Gaby Jeffs and the Magneto Films Team have been nominated for yet another award, this time for the Daddy Cool video produced for the NCT. 

The DVD follows three dads on their journey through pregnancy, birth and early parenthood, with lots of tips and information from other dads and NCT […]

Ten tips to save money during pregnancy

The first few years of your baby’s life can also be the most expensive. All new parents are convinced that they must buy lots of things during pregnancy and for the new baby when very little actually get used. Whether you are considering buying less for financial or ecological reasons, there are […]

It’s your pregnancy, take the time to enjoy it.

Once the little blue line appears it seems that the whole world goes upside down.

As a new mum, you’re taken in in a whirlwind of events and emotions. Strangers and relatives alike give you advice on pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding (or not) and child-rearing. Their advice is often more driven by their own experiences […]

Mothering the mother, the doula support during childbirth

What is a doula? Most people will answer that question with a blank stare. Some may reply with the misconception that a doula is some sort of newfangled birth guru, a trendy accessory for yummy mummies with too much time and money on their hands. In reality, the role performed by a doula […]

Support The Mother magazine

The Mother Magazine

I discovered The Mother magazine after my little girl was born and read it cover to cover without stopping. I was amazed by the thought-provoking views on pregnancy, birthing, breastfeeding, education, home-education, vaccination…

In a world where so many things make us doubt our skills as mothers and parents, where […]

Bando Bump Band

New stocks of these bestselling pregnancy bands have arrived, so we have put them back up on the site.  We get great feed back about these and lots of new mothers like them too – they are ideal for breastfeeding mothers to wear so that they don’t show off more post baby tummy than […]

What I wish I’d known when I was pregnant

Here are some answers to questions I get asked by pregnant friends on a regular basis – they are based on my experiences though, and may be glaringly obvious to some people, but they were not to me! Please feel free to add to this list of useful tips in the comments section.

Clothes […]