Tips for a first time baby wrap wearer from Calin Bleu

Practice and perseverance are the keys to successful, long-term baby wearing. Don’t let the initial difficulties, or a fussy baby, put you off. In some ways, baby wearing is similar to breastfeeding – it is both a natural thing and a learned skill. It does take some practice and perseverance, but once you […]

The story behind the Beco Baby Sling

Designed by a babywearing parent, active sailor and rock climber, Gabby Caperon. Beco combines perfect ergonomics, excellent weight distribution and stylish design from top quality fabrics. Each carrier is handmade by a skilled seamstress in facilities which apply high social and economical standards. Sustainability and minimal impact of our production on the environment is […]

What is a Moby Baby Wrap?

The design of the Moby Wrap uses your entire back, as well as your shoulders, to carry the weight of your baby. Unlike other carriers, which have narrow straps or go across one shoulder, the Moby Wrap is a wide piece of durable fabric that is wrapped over both shoulders. It is amazingly comfortable […]

EllaRoo Lightly Padded Baby Sling new at the Natural Nursery

The EllaRoo Lightly Padded Baby Sling is 100% handwoven, lightweight Guatemalan cotton fabric, with just a touch of cotton padding in the shoulder and rails.

The inner and outer rails are independently adjustable through lightweight brushed aluminum Rings, with an open tail for maximum adjustability and versatility.

The sling is designed to cup […]

Patapum Baby Sling in stock at the Natural Nursery

Discover the world on your mum’s or dad’s back. The new way of parenting! Great for shopping, walking, hiking or doing housework while being hugged by the person you love the most. Your Baby!

The Patapum Baby Carrier is one of the best back baby carrier you will find. It is lightweight, […]

Boba 3G Baby Carrier now comes with extra features!

The New Boba 3G incorporates the original Boba Baby Carrier design that so many have come to know and love, and now more than a dozen new and updated features … truly a one of a kind baby carrier!

The foot straps attached to the waist belt keep older children comfortable while enabling a […]

Versatile, Stylish Beco Gemini Slings at the Natural Nursery

New in for 2012 the Beco Gemini is a 4-in-1 baby carrier offering four comfortable carrying positions – front facing in, facing out, hip and back carry, a comfortable, practical baby carrier with a definite sense of style. It’s all about the options you have.  You no longer need to scrutinize over one or […]

Twelve Days of a Natural Christmas – Day 9 – GEN-Y Universal Nappy Wrap

We have had a fantastic review of the GEN-Y Universal Nappy Wrap from Jody:

“I LOVE these wraps! I was a firm pocket user but was always quite wary of leaving them on too long and getting leaks, we tried flips but they were boring looking so someone suggested these! they are fantastic and […]

Twelve Days of a Natural Christmas – Day 7 – Flushable Nappy Liners

The Natural Nursery has biodegradable nappy liners that you can flush away! You simply place them in the cloth nappy so they go next to the babies skin, they are designed to make your life easier because you can just flush them away and they will take the solids with them.

Flushable nappy liners  […]

Twelve Days of a Natural Christmas – Day 6 – Moby Baby Wrap

With 17 different colours to choose from the Moby Wrap could be worn on any occasion.

The award-winning original Moby Wrap is the one of the most recognised wraparound baby carriers available. Made from beautiful, soft stretch cotton and available in a variety of colours, the Moby Wrap is an ideal carrier for newborn […]