Customer Review – Wonderoo’s

This is a great customer review of Wonderoos:

I LOVE my wonderoos, they were the first cloth nappies I ever had and I’m so glad that I chose them because they are so simple and easy to use. I brought the 15 piece starter set and loved the reusable baby wipes that I got […]

Washing your wonderoos reusable nappies in 6 easy steps

Washing the Wonderoos reusable nappies is super easy.

Remove the Wonderoos and put it to one side. Clean your baby and put a fresh nappy on.

If the reusable nappy is soiled, hold it (waterproof side up) over the toilet and stretch the […]

Wondering about leaks with the Wonderoos reusable nappies?

Wonderoos are reliable reusable nappies for babies of different ages and shapes. Here are few things to consider if leaks do occur.

If the leak happens shortly after the nappy change, the issue is most likely due to the fit. Run your finder around the leg opening of the Wonderoos reusable nappies. It should […]

Using your baby Wonderoos reusable nappies

Once you have adjusted the Wonderoos reusable nappy size to fit your child the best, it’s time to add the nappy insert.

The nappy insert is the absorbent part of the nappy. It is sandwiched between a fleece layer which draws the moisture away from your baby’s skin and a […]

Adjusting the size of your Wonderoos reusable nappies

The Wonderoos nappies are made to suit most babies from birth to toddler (approx. 8-35lb / 3.6-15.9kg). They come with two rows of poppers so that the nappy can be adjusted in width and height to suit your baby growth. Once you have bought your nappies and washed them once, the […]

Using the Wonderoos pocket reusable nappies in 5 questions

Q: How many Wonderoos reusable nappies do I need?

We recommend buying a set of reusable nappies between 15-20, depending on how often you wash them. The less cloth nappies you buy the more often you will need to wash them. To use the Wonderoos nappies full time, we recommend around 18 Wonderoos nappies. […]

New! Wonderoos pocket reusable nappies, super easy to use!

You will love these new Wonderoos pocket reusable nappies!

Pocket nappies are easy to use, easy to wash, easy to change, and these ones come with an added benefit: they are one-size. For most children, you will be able to use the same set of reusable nappies from birth to toddler 8lb – 35lb […]